Frequently Asked Questions

Where is R Park? R Park is centrally located at the nexus of High level mapJackson, Wilson, and Teton Village in Wyoming.  It sits along the Snake River’s west bank, across from the Emily’s Pond recreation area. Just north of the Wilson boat ramp access road and east of Highway 390/Moose-Wilson Road. For more specifics, visit ‘directions‘.

How can I access R Park? R Park is unique in that it is a natural park accessible by our public, START bus.  Use the Stilson Parking Lot as your stop. Access is also available via the Snake River pedestrian bridge and pathway system. Adequate parking will be provided to allow access to the park via private vehicle.  For specific directions, visit here.

I’m excited about the park. How can I get involved?  Donate now buttonWe welcome support in many forms. Become a FRIEND OF R PARK or a volunteer…or better yet, both! about R Park and want to get involved, please contact us

What was R Park before RLC? Formerly, Evans Construction ran a commercial gravel operation on site, covering much of the interior portion of the park land with gravel storage mounds and fill. Currently, site reclamation and preliminary earthwork for R Park is underway, although the park is open to the public for free.

What does R Park consist of? R Park is 40-acre natural park, including ponds, meadows, knolls, and trails for visitors to explore through a variety of passive recreation activities including cycling, walking, swimming, SUP boarding, kayaking, fishing, and picnicking. R Park will be welcoming to people of all ages and provide green space for its visitors for quiet use and enjoyment. R Park will also provide access to the Snake River boat launch, which is partially sited on park land, as well as the new bike path connecting the Teton Village Road bike path to Emily’s Pond via the pedestrian bridge over the Snake River.

What is a natural park? A natural park (often referred to as urban park in a city setting) is a protected piece of open land that provides green space for residents and visitors of a community. Their amenities are mostly that, natural, as opposed to playing fields, playgrounds, or other organized sporting facilities.

What sort of habitat is R Park? R Park lies within the Snake River riparian corridor and is part of the river’s historic floodplain, with 4.6 acres of wetlands. In addition to conserving the property through a conservation easement and reclaiming the gravel pit back to a more natural state, RLC is committed to operating in a manner that is sensitive and mindful of the habitat and animals within the ecosystem, while providing public access. In total, ~8 acres of gravel pit disturbance will be reclaimed for passive recreation and the following habitat improvements will be made as well: ~90,000 square feet of wetland improvement, ~7.25 acres of improved waterways (naturally fed), ~19 acres of enhanced and accessible native riparian habitat. RLC has met with various wildlife groups, including Wyoming Game and Fish biologists, to help design the park and provide for wildlife habitat.  RLC will continue to work with these organizations and stakeholders to address any concerns.

How is R Park’s reclamation and amenities paid for? R Park is owned by Donate now buttonthe nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy. The reclamation, construction, and maintenance of R Park are funded by donations. Through the recently launched capital campaign, RLC aims to raise $5 million. Thanks to generous donations, R Park opened to the public in September 2014, with additional landscaping and construction occurring over the next few years. 

Does R Park have partners? R Park would not be possible without the support of its many partners and its enthusiastic community. Almost 500 community members provided feedback regarding park design and programming, as well as actually naming the park through a contest. Our closest partners include Friends of Pathways, Jackson Hole Land Trust, Snake River Fund, and Teton County Parks and Recreation. The park design and land use plan is a direct result of public input provided by community partners and stakeholders. 

Who is designing R Park? A locally based, internationally acclaimed design team assembled by Pierson Land Works LLC, including Harmony Design & Engineering, Gilday Architects, Flitner Strategies, Biota Research & Consulting Inc., and Hood Design Studio (Oakland, CA) are accountable for designing the park based on public and owner input.

What are R Park’s rules? We ask visitors to respect and preserve R Park as the community resource it is.  For details, please view our visitor responsibilities.

Are dogs permitted at R Park? R Park will offer dogs limited access of the park, specifically 1.) along the Snake River levee, 2.) the pathway from over the Snake River to the highway 390/Village Road underpass, and 3.) on all roads with vehicle access. This plan allows dogs along the perimeter of the park, while ensuring the meadow in the middle of the park and the beach along the large pond remain clean and safe. Per Teton County’s staff recommendation, “dogs will be required to be restrained at all times either physically (i.e. leashed) or accompanied by a person who has strict voice control”.

Additional questions? Contact us!