Public Input

We are excited to commence the planning and design of a new year-round park, to be located on the Snake River near the Wilson Bridge. This park will be a natural, passive recreation site for the community and is made possible through the leadership of the Jackson Hole Land Trust, The LOR Foundation, and their new joint venture, the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy.

The vision for a park at the Wilson Bridge is the result of many conversations with local residents, nonprofit leaders, policy makers, and Land Trust supporters, which culminated with the purchase of the 40 acre parcel across the river from the popular Emily’s Pond. While additional community involvement will continue to shape the park, the short version is a vision for a park that provides public access to the river, passive recreation for local families and visitors, and reclamation efforts that align the property more closely to the natural view shed in the shadow of the Teton Range. This park is envisioned to welcome walkers, fishers, rafters, picnicking families, birders, cyclists, runners and kayakers, to name a few.

Community input is an integral part of our design process, and will help ensure that the ultimate design will be attractive, welcoming, functional, and respective of our vibrant and varying user groups. Thank you for your interest in this project and your support in protecting the vitality and character of our community.

Public Input

In Spring 2012, almost 500 community members participated in an online survey, in which they gave feedback about the park design and program. Additionally, the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy held two public workshops on May 2nd and 3rd, 2012 at the Center for the Arts, and an open house presentation by the RLC Park Design Team on May 24th, 2012 at the Snow King Center. Invitations were sent to over 30 specific stakeholders and throughout the community through email list-serves and advertising.

At the Center for the Arts workshop on May 2nd, park ideas, concepts, and site details were shared. On May 3rd, the design team presented three design concepts that were an amalgamation of feedback received and purposefully unique to one another, and additional feedback was solicited. These conceptual drawings can be accessed below:

At the Snow King Center open house on May 24th, the RLC Park Design Team presented a Conceptual Master Plan to about 75 community members that collated elements from the design concepts and feedback from the public input process. Hal Hutchinson of The LOR Foundation and Laurie Andrews of the Jackson Hole Land Trust provided background about the creation of the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy, the River Springs land deal, and the inspiration for the community park. Jamie Walter of Pierson Land Works spoke on behalf of the RLC Park Design Team about the features of the conceptual design, while also addressing comments and suggestions arising from the public input process earlier in the month. Following the presentation, additional comments and questions about the conceptual master plan were welcomed from the audience in a Q & A format.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the public input process of this project. We continue to welcome your comments and questions about the park. Please Contact Us directly or consult our FAQs page.

RLC Park Open House


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